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evaluate vt. to examine and judge carefully; appraise; to ascertain or fix the value or worth of 评价;估计

The research project has only been under way for three months, so it's too early to evaluate its success. 这个研究项目进行了不过三个月,所以要对它的成绩作出评价为时尚早。

various adj. of different kinds各种各样的;不同种类的

There are various ways of cooking rice. 做米饭有各种不同的方法。

in the name of acting for 以…的名义;代表…

We're very glad to greet you in the name of the Chinese people.


key adj. of crucial importance; significant 关键的;极重要的

key decisions 意义重大的结论 the key element of the thesis 论文的中心成分

origin n. beginning; start of anything 起源;来源

What was the origin of Man? 人类的起源是什么?

n. parentage, birth, or ancestors 出身;来历

He is a researcher of working class origin. 他是工人出身的研究员。

equip vt. put in a place, or give someone, all the tools, instruments, etc. that are needed 装备;配备

Our factory is equipped with modern machines. 我厂是用现代化机械装备的。

endeavor n. an earnest attempt 努力;尽力

We make every endeavor to satisfy our customers. 我们尽全力使顾客满意。

v. to attempt by employment of effort 努力;尽力

We must always endeavour to improve our work. 我们总要努力改进自己的工作。

puzzle n. problem; something that is difficult to understand; game where you must find an answer 难题;谜

It is a puzzle to me how he could come here. 我不知他是怎么到这里来的。

vt. make you think a lot because you do not understand it 使困惑;使糊涂

I am puzzled by the difficult question. 我被难题难住了。

wealthy adj. having much wealth富有的;富裕的

Wealthy men are not always happy. 有钱人未必总是幸福的。

Asian adj. native of Asia 亚洲(人)的

What's the difference between the Asian elephants and African elephants?


n. a native or inhabitant of Asia 亚洲人

in exchange for in the place of something that you have given to someone 交换;互换

I'll give you three sweets in exchange for an apple. 我拿三块糖换你一个苹果。

spice n. things like ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, etc. that are put into food 香料;调味品(如姜、胡椒等)

Pepper is a spice. 胡椒是一种调味品。

Arab n. a native of Arabia 阿拉伯人

adj. of the Arabs or Arabia; Arabian 阿拉伯(人)的

westernmost adj. 最西 (端) 的

African n. a native or inhabitant of Africa 非洲人

adj. of or relating to Africa or its peoples, languages, or cultures 非洲(人)的

ambassador n. a diplomatic official appointed a as representative by one government to another 大使;使节

He was appointed ambassador to Japan. 他奉派为驻日大使。

Roman adj. of or relating to ancient or modern Rome or its people or culture


n. a native, inhabitant, or citizen of ancient or mod

ern Rome 罗马人

empire n. a group of countries under one ruler, usually an emperor 帝国

the Roman Empire 罗马帝国

rhinoceros n. 犀牛

horn n. a hard, pointed thing which grows on the head of some animals(羊、牛、鹿等动物的)角

Horns are usually in pairs, one on each side of the head.


n. an instrument for making loud warning noises 喇叭

The taxi driver blew his horn to tell us that he had arrived.


wander vi. to go from place to place with no special purpose 漫游;闲逛

The boys wandered around the town with nothing to do.


motherland n. one's native land 祖国

awareness n.[u] 觉察;意识;知道

awareness of one's ignorance 意识到自己的无知

existence n.[u] being 存在;生存

The tree owes its existence to soil. 树木依赖泥土生存。

accurate adj. conforming exactly to fact; errorless 准确的

deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits from a standard 精确的

Is this watch accurate? 这只表准吗?

navy n. all the warships of a country, with officers and men 海军

the army, navy and air force 陆、海、空军三军

treasure n. store of gold, silver, jewels, money, or other valuable things 财宝;财富

They were looking for buried treasure. 他们在寻找埋在地下的财宝。

fleet n. big groups of ships; a number of ships, airplanes, automobiles etc. moving together 舰队;船队;机群;汽车队

The Sixth Fleet of the United States Navy was ordered to the South Sea.


command n. an order; the act of commanding 命令;指挥

The policeman gave the command to stop. 警察下令停下。

n. ability to control; mastery 控制;精通

He has a good command of English. 他英语掌握得很好。

vt. order; control 命令;指挥;控制

The policeman commanded the car to stop. 警察命令汽车停下。

set sail (from/to/for) on a voyage 启航;扬帆

The liner set sail for New York at 8:30. 轮船在八时半启航开往纽约。

royal adj. of or relating to a monarch. 王室的;皇家的

a royal family/palace 王室/宫 a royal house 皇家

embassy n.[c] place where embassy people live and work 大使馆

To go to the United States, you must get a visa at the U.S. embassy.


zebra n.[c] an African mammal related to the horse and having dark stripes on a light body 斑马

The zebra is a kind of horse that lives in Africa. 斑马是生活在非洲的一种马。

in return in exchange 作为回报

She presented me a dictionary in return. 她送给我一本词典作为答谢。

symbolic adj. of, relating to, or expressed by means of symbols or a symbol象征的;符号的

The dove is symbolic of peace. 鸽子象征和平。

symbolic language 符号语言

volunteer n. someone who volunteers to do a job or to join the army 自愿者

That man is a volunteer fireman in this town. 那个人是这个镇里的志愿消防队员。

v. offer to do a job that is unpleasant, difficult, or dangerous 自愿从事

Two men volunteered to search for the missing climber.


radium n. a chemical element that gives off rays 镭

Radioactivity is a special quality of radium. 放射性是镭的一种特性。

sum n. an amount obtained as a result of adding numbers 总数;和

Eleven is the sum of six and five. 十一是六加五的和。

n. amount of money一笔(金额)

He paid a large sum for the house. 他出一笔巨款买了这所房子。

dam n.[c] a barrier constructed across a waterway to control the flow or raise the level of water 水坝;堤

There are several dams across the Huai River. 淮河上有几座水闸。

bring up look after and educate children, etc 教养;培养

I was brought up by my aunt. 我是我姑姑抚养成人的。

introduce to notice or consideration, mention 提出

Why don't you bring this up at the meeting? 你何不在会上提出这个问题?

horizon n. line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky 地平线

The sun sank below the horizon. 太阳落到地平线以下了。

navigation n. the act of navigating; the passage of ships, etc. over the sea, etc. 航行;航海;航空

aerial navigation 空中航行;航空 ocean navigation 远洋航行

Korea n. peninsula in east Asia, extending south from northeast China 朝鲜;韩国

suggest vt. give someone an idea; say that something will be possible 建议;提议 I suggested that we (should) hold a meeting tonight. 我提议我们今晚开个会。

vt. bring to mind 使人想起;暗示

Smoke suggests fire. 有烟就有火。

accomplish vt. finish something; complete; carry out 完成;实现

You have accomplished a purpose. 你达到了目的。

apart from prep. with the exception of; besides 除…外;除…外还

Apart from the cost, it will take a lot of time. 除了费钱以外,还要花很多时间。

sickness n.[u] the condition of being sick; illness 疾病

Viruses and germs cause most sicknesses. 病毒与细菌引起大部分的疾病。

n.[u] be overcome by a feeling of sickness 恶心

unable adj. not able to do something不能的;不会的;无能为力的

He was unable to walk. 他不能走。

the Himalayas n. 喜马拉雅山脉

sacred adj. of god or religion; holy神圣的

A church is a sacred building. 教堂是一个神圣的处所。

Sherpa n. 夏尔巴人(西藏的一种族)

Tibet n. 西藏

honesty n. the condition or quality of being honest; freedom from deceit or cheating


(prov.) Honesty is the best policy. (谚)诚实为上策。

dedication n.[u] the act of dedicating奉献

His dedication to teaching gained the respect of his students.


n.[c] words used in dedicating a book or other work 题献;献词

The book's dedication reads "To Mother". 本书献词写道:"献给母亲"。

ideal adj. very best, exactly right 完美的;理想的

This place is ideal for a picnic. 这个地方野餐最理想。

refer vi. speak about something 谈到;涉及;所指

This is not the dictionary which I referred to. 这不是我所指的那本词典。

vt. hand over to (someone) for a decision; send or direct to (someone or something) for help or action 呈交;提交

We refer the question to them. 我们把这个问题提交他们处理。

refer to 提到

Don't refer to that problem again, please. 请不要再提那个问题了。

run out become exhausted or used up; come to the end of a supply, etc. 被用完;耗完

The aircraft will run out of fuel in another hour. 飞机再过一小时燃料就将用完。

technological adj. 技术的

technological development 科学技术的发展

aircraft n. machine that flies; aeroplane; helicopter 飞行器;飞机

arise vi. happen; start发生;产生 (arose; arisen)

How did the quarrel arise? 争吵是怎样发生的?

vi. move upward; ascend 向上;上升

When I started off, the sun was arising. 我出发时太阳正在升起。

evidence n.[u] proof; something that shows what has happened and why it has happened 证据;证明

There is no evidence that he is guilty. 没有证据证明他有罪。

chairman n. the person who is in charge of meeting 主席;董事长

chairman of the meeting 会议主席 a bank board chairman 银行董事长

praise vt. say that something or someone is good表扬;称赞

The teacher praised Tom for his homework. 教员表扬汤姆的家庭作业做得好。

n. the act of saying that a person or a thing is good, words expressing admiration, applause

赞美;称赞 He had a lot of praise for Tom's work. 他十分称赞汤姆的工作。

Christopher Columbus [XkristRfR kRXlVmbRs] 克里斯托佛·哥伦布(西班牙航海家)

Marco Polo [XmQkRu XpRulRu] 马可·波罗(意大利旅行家)

Ceylon n. 锡兰(现称斯里兰卡)